Our Coaching Team


Gavin Bransgrove (head of coaching), Mike Kelly, Damien Jones &

Andrew Walters.

Terry Button (Arm coaching).

At Upwey-Tecoma Bowls Club, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced bowler, or just here for the fun of social bowls, we can supply you, free of charge, a friendly coach to hone your skills. All of our coaches are fully qualified by the Australian Sports Commission and are also certified to train juniors. To book a coaching season, please complete the booking form below.

Club practice times below:

Wednesdays: 12.30 pm – 4.00 pm (Social Bowls).

Thursday: 5.30 pm – 7.00 pm (Pennant Training).

Free Individual Coaching by arrangement (Make a booking below).

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Are You Ready to Take Charge of Your Position

Once you know your position in your pennant team.

Train for that position on a regular basis. This can help get the team off to a great start, make a change or simply consolidate the end.

It starts with you! Repetitious training can make a difference.


Benchmark 1:

When playing in the Division 2 Pennant Team, you are having a good day if 38% (16/42) of your bowls are in the zone.

Benchmark 2:

When playing in the Division 4 Pennant Team, you are having a good day if 33% (14/42) of your bowls are in the zone.

Benchmark 3:

When playing in the Division 6 Pennant Team, you are having a good day if 28% (12/42) of your bowls are in the zone.

So you want to learn how to bowl?

Coaches play a huge part in the sustainability of bowls. An enthusiastic personality, skills and approachable style that coaches have helps players to be welcomed and learn the unique sport of bowls. Check out our lawn bowls training videos as a start to understand the objective of the game, choosing the correct sized bowl to play lawn bowls and then a practice video for beginners.
This is just a guide so please ask your lawn bowls coach should you need more advice.

Rink of the Week Round 5

Dear Members,On Saturday, Side 2 won comfortably at home with an emphatic victory by one rink. However, both Side 1 and Side 3 went down playing away matches.SIDE 1: Despite the 27 shot loss, this game was much closer than the scores indicated. Our Front End was holding shot on 41/84 Ends and our Back End bowled at 37.5% (16 Excellent Bowls) on a relatively fast paced green.The big difference was that the opposition Back End played some outstanding shots at crucial moments. On several occasions we were holding multiple shots, only to lose the End because their Skip played a “Bomb”! So while disappointed not to chalk up an away win, we have to concede that we were beaten by a better team.RESULTS: UTBC 59-2 def by Narre Warren 86-16. Currently 4th on the ladder, away to 3rd placed Ferntree Gully next round.SIDE 2: Surprisingly we lost the first quarter 16 shots to 24 before asserting our ascendency to win the final three quarters. Our Front End performed well to be up after 49/84 Ends and our Back End reinforced this dominance with 39.5% effectiveness (16.5 Excellent Bowls). Consistently having bowls in the head meant we won 13 Multiples (51 shots) while conceding just 6 (21 shots).RESULTS: UTBC 96-14 def Noble Park 67-4. Currently 4th on the ladder, play home to 1st placed Pakenham next round.SIDE 3: A surface as slick as Monbulk is not only rare, but exceedingly challenging, and extremely difficult to train for. So it proved in our match on Saturday with a heavy defeat. However, although we lost every quarter, the margin reduced from being outscored by 49 shots in the first half to 28 shots in the second half. When Monbulk come to play at Upwey, the result will be significantly different.RESULTS: UTBC 46-0 def by Monbulk 123-18. Currently 7th on the ladder, play away to 6th placed Vermont South next round.What did we learn?1. Home sides have a distinct advantage over their visiting counterparts – especially on fast greens. However, purposeful practice beforehand can reduce this advantage.2. Front Ends win matches but Back Ends determine the margin. High quality Skips can make a significant difference.RINK OF THE WEEK: We only had three winning rinks on Saturday, with 11 Ends, 12 Ends and 14 Ends respectively. The winners scored 6 Multiples (27 shots) and conceded none – well done!With a score of 37 to 9, it’s congratulations to Jim Pearce, Robin Southern, John Tucker and Mike Lindrea.NO TRAINING THIS WEEK: Because of the Victorian Open (18th-25th Nov) there are no pennant matches during this period. Accordingly, there is no official training this Thursday 17th Nov, but anyone is still welcome to have a roll up. Training will resume on Thursday 24th Nov.EXCELLENT BOWLS INFORMATION: As we are well into the season, it is timely to remind players about Excellent Bowls. Please familiarise yourself with the following information, particularly if you are not a regular at Thursday training.You are having a good day if you achieve the following benchmarks:*Division 2: 16 Excellent Bowls (38%)*Division 4: 14 Excellent Bowls (33%)*Division 6: 12 Excellent Bowls (28%).WHAT IS AN EXCELLENT BOWL? An Excellent Bowl is one which finishes within a Mat Length of the target. Usually the target is the Jack, but sometimes the Skip may want a bowl to finish elsewhere – for example, a position bowl or to beat an opposition bowl.For weighted shots, an Excellent bowl is one which hits the target or passes within a bowl width of it.The Skip scores the Lead, Second and Third while the Third scores the Skip. To know your “target” and which shot to play, it is vital that there is clear and concise communication between the Skip and rink members. BulmerExcellent Bowl information can be used productively during games and should be shared with rink members by Skips post match.