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Minor Singles Championship 2022


Hi members,Congratulations to Ray Casley and John Tucker for playing their way into the final of the club Minor championship After a couple of washouts the guys finally played the final last Monday and from all reports it was a tight game all the way with lots of great bowls, the result could have gone either way.Eventually, John Tucker came out the winner!Final score 25-22 after 24 ends.Congratulations🥳👏👏Club games committee Glenn & Andrew

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Coached Update No:8

Dear Members,Around 20 players met with the coaches at training last Thursday.We looked at the 8 Year Excellent Bowl trend data as shown in the attached document.We pointed out that the Overall Average for each player provided a benchmark for them to aspire to and hopefully improve upon.Attention then turned to what the coaches can do and what individual players can do to achieve improvement.WHAT CAN WE DO AS COACHES?*At training, focus on specific Front End and Back End roles and drills. For example, rolling the Jack, bowling to an offline Jack, bowling to a Jack in the ditch, Wresting a shot bowl. Also, use flap-jacks to train weighted shots.*For Leads, identify and train rolling the Jack and bowling to their Natural Length. Note: Skips need to support this tactic, but may need to change during a match if it’s not working.*Continue the Coaching Program that is currently underwayWHAT CAN WE DO AS PLAYERS?*Practise with a Purpose. Where possible, spend extra time practising the drills completed at training. Also spend extra time practising your weaknesses.*Concentration (Make Every Bowl Count): This includes Focussing when it’s your turn to Bowl, having a consistent Delivery Routine, Shot Visualisation and Head Down/Stay Down*Confidence (The Most Important Bowl is the One in your Hand): This includes being prepared by Practising shots at Training, Seeing a shot before you play it and Saying “I can/will do it” when on the mat.SUMMARY:*Last season only 27% players bowled better than their average.*This season, so far, 42% players are bowling better than their average *Our target is to have 75+% players bowling better than their averageWe will provide further progress reports throughout the season.Meantime, purposeful practice and even better bowling to all!Gavin, Mike, Andrew, Damien(Coaching Team)

Barefoot Bowls will be commencing 4th November!

Jack Attack is a fun and fast-paced format from the traditional form of lawn bowls, aimed to encourage participation with non-bowling members of the community. Jack Attack is super easy to play!

It is a modified version from the traditional form of lawn bowls, with three players per team who each deliver their two bowls within an end, aiming to get as close as possible to the jack. This fun, fast game is coming to Upweybc and anyone can enter!

The delivery of all six bowls completes an end, where teams then change direction of play and re-position the jack.

The competition commenced in early February and runs through to the middle of March; 6 to 8 weeks is the suggested time-frame for Jack Attack to suit people with busy working lives.

JACK ATTACK is on its way! Stay tuned for further details!

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